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11 Jul 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


Back when I started working at The Wine Country at the beginning of this year, there were three categories in the spirit department I wanted to expand. The Whiskey and Agave departments were easy to expand on, just had to move a couple shelves around and boom; more space for both.  Rum was a bit harder; not as much shelf space free after expanding the other two categories.  So it took some time until I was bringing in new rums.


But the time has come!  I have finally been able to start expanding the rum department, and would like to let y’all know about five new products you can find now in store and online at your favorite Signal Hill wine & spirits & craft beer store.


Rum Co. of Figi 

We are carrying three new products from the Rum Co. of Fiji, the only distillery on the island-nation.  The distillery uses the finest local ingredients including sugar cane grown in Fiji, the purest water, and filtration through coconut shell carbon.   Used Bourbon barrels are the primary source for aging.   Since launching in 1980, Rum Co. of Fiji has won more than 130 international awards across several prestigious competitions.


Rum Co. of Figi “Bati” 2-Year-Old Spiced Rum

“Bati” is the Fijian term for a traditional warrior.  This 2 year rum is made in 100% column stills and aged in large oak vats. While it has big flavors, there is not a whole lot of staying power.  Marshmallows, vanilla and butterscotch give the distillate richness but doesn’t linger.  With such big flavors, this is a great rum for cocktails; those big notes will play well with many tiki drinks.

$18.99 per bottle


Rum Co. of Figi “Ratu” 5-Year-Old Spiced Rum

“Ratu” is the name given to Fijian chiefs.  Made out of 50% column still and 50% pot still, this rum is aged for at least 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels and finished with mocha chips.  Notes of butterscotch coat the palate and give the rum a real nice richness.  Vibrant pops of cinnamon and anise brighten up your taste buds to balances out the richness.  The vibrancy continues with candied orange peel on the finish.

$34.99 per bottle


Rum Co. of Figi “Ratu” Signature 8-Year-Old Rum

Just like the Ratu 5-year-old, the Signature is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished with mocha chips, but this one is made 100% in column still.  Hints of roasted coffee up front along with rich toasted vanilla.  Toffee, dark chocolate and subtle cocoa powder give it a richness while a nice pop of candied orange peel on finish elongates the finish.

$38.99 per bottle


Two Other New Rums

Probitas White Blended Rum, Barbados & Jamaica

Made with rum from Barbados (from Foursquare Distillery) and Jamaica (from Hampden Estate). Matured, blended and bottled in Barbados.  Light flavors, but still powerful.  That traditional Agricole "funk" is present but comes off more floral than earthy.  Delicate notes of dark chocolate give the rum a little more body.  The finish is more floral and earthy.

$29.99 per bottle


R.L. Seale 12-Year Finest Barbados Rum

Richard Seale is a 4th generation rum producer with his Great Grandfather, Reginald Leon Seale, starting R.L. Seale in 1926. Reopening the distillery in 1996, he has continued the family traditions.  Bold dark chocolate pairs with toasted oak and wood spice.  The richness of the chocolate is very nicely balanced out by the vibrancy of the wood.  Butterscotch, cinnamon and baked apple bring along more richness to round out the finish and let those richer flavors linger.

$51.99 per bottle

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