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07 Jun 2023 | Jeremy Dugan


Join me on June 16th and meet Jeremy Parzen, one of my favorite people in the wine industry. I was introduced to Jeremy through his Blog (, Mom (aka Samantha) mentioned him being one of her favorite bloggers when she was blogging a lot herself and I found myself attracted to his writings as well and thought he was a cool guy. But then once I got to meet the man in person, he became the most interesting person in the wine industry to me.

Jeremy used to be an Italian translator for the United Nations. Do you know how good you have to be at a language for the United Nations to want you to work for them? The wine and food historian also played lead guitar on a band that went on a world tour and have I heard some fun stories from that trip! But what stands out to me the most about Jeremy Parzen is that he is the guy Italian Winemakers go to when they want to get the word out about their products.

My first stretch spending real time with Jeremy was when he got me on a trip to go to Franciacorta, this was a trip Jeremy was asked to put on by the Franciacorta Consortium. For those of you not familiar with Consortiums (I wasn’t before that trip) this is a group of people/businesses in the same industry who work to promote their product. The Franciacorta Consortium puts on grand events every year, but one thing they made sure to keep money for was having Jeremy bring out American writers to help spread the word on the bubbles being made in Northern Italy. Now Jeremy has connections all throughout Italy, but what a cool concept that is to me; an organization over five thousand miles away reached out to this man because they know he is the person to talk to about expanding their business.

You may also recall that Jeremy Parzen graciously led a Zoom tasting of our outstanding Lini Lambruscos during the shutdown.  Those red, white and rose bubblies have been a hot commodity ever since.

With that kind of clout, Jeremy is able to get his hands on some of the most exciting wines coming out of Italy. Which is why I’m ecstatic that he wanted to do a tasting at our store featuring some of the top Natural Wine producers he works with. So Join Jeremy Parzen and me on June 16th as we talk about Italian Natural Wines, quote Mel Brooks once or twice and just have a good time chatting with a big supporter and friend of the store. 

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