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04 May 2023 | Jeremy Dugan


I am the first person to say I love Agave Spirits when I get asked what I like to drink at home. Wild, cultivated, classic or experimental if it's Agave based, I'm going to give the distillate a try. But I also enjoy a plethora of other spirits made in Mexico and those are what I would like to give shout-outs to today. While most think of Mexico just for Agave, the state also produces Gin, Whiskey, Rum, liqueurs and are still making a spirit with history that dates back to Mayan times. 

While Agave is a very popular section of our Spirits Department, this week and weekend it is expected to be busier than ever. But if you're looking for a bottle to bring to a Cinco de Mayo event and want to surprise your family/friends, show them something most haven't seen before, here is the list of products for you. 

Las Californias Citrico Gin- Sweet oranges and soft juniper flavors coat the palate. More citrus flavors add depth along with some notes of pine. $33.99 per bottle

Las Californias Nativio Gin- Bold sage and hop flavors start a savory profile. Bolder spice and soft citrus flavors follow. Savory finish. $33.99 per bottle

Katun Gin- Made with 17 botanicals, this Gin was founded by one of the individuals who started Bruxo Mezcal. They have gone out on their own, went to Spain for not only their Pot Still but their Master Distiller as well and took it all back to the Yucatan. This is one of those Gins that goes on for days. The 17 botanicals really layer each other nicely and give you something new to try on every sip. Bold root/earthy flavors, vibrant spices pop on your taste buds, subtle floralness and crisp, zippy citrus notes too. There's a little bit of everything in this Gin. $43.99 per bottle

Alma de la Tierra Abasolo- Made with an ancestral corn called Cacahuazintle, Abasolo Mexican Whisky is a unique spirit that stands out.On the palate you get a wonderful coating mouthfeel that leads to rich notes of coco, vibrant cinnamon and a slight earthy feature that you get on the nose too. A soft flavor which reminded me of hay comes out on the finish to keep the idea of the Soul of the Earth going. Notes of coco and hay linger. $45.99 per bottle

Gustoso Aguardiente White Rum- Made from sugar cane grown in Michoacan, Blending rums distilled in pot still and copper column stills Gustoso Aguardiente’s Blanco has rich notes of coco along with hints of minerality that balances out the richness. Cooked banana characteristics will be a familiar flavor profile for rum fans while also giving the spirit a rounded finish. $20.99 per bottle

Gustoso Aguardiente Dark Rum- The cane juice is distilled in pot still while first pressed molasses is distilled in copper column stills. Aged for 3 ½ years in fresh oak, Sherry and Whiskey barrels. The result is a rum with a creamy mouthfeel which leads to notes of melted caramel and vanilla bean. What was cooked banana in the Blanco becomes banana fosters after the time in barrel. $27.99 per bottle

Siglo Cero Pox- Pox (pronounced POESH) is a ceremonial spirit that extends back to the Mayans. The clear Siglocero Pox is distilled from corn, wheat, and sugarcane, made in Chiapas, Mexico. This is truly a spirit of its own category. It taste a little bit like a rum, has body more like a whiskey and has the earthiness found in some savory agave spirits. Subtle lime zest, hints of hay and soft Agricole funkiness. There is a soft sweetness on finish that makes this easy to enjoy. $42.99 per bottle

Xila Licor de Agave 7 Notas- Female owned and operated, Xila is just one of a handful of liqueurs made by Dona Spotter's company. A wonderful blend of spicy and sweet, robust and delicate. This Liqueur is made with Ancho Chile, Caramelized Pineapple, Hibiscus, Pepper, Clove, Lavender and Cinnamon. While the ancho chile spice hits up front, the sweetness of the caramelized pineapple and hibiscus coat the palate calming down the spice. Clove and lavender continue the balancing act with the robust notes of clove and the floralness of the lavender and then hints of cinnamon bring the vibrancy of the liqueur back up for a lively finish. $39.99 per bottle

Alma Tepec Chile Pasilla Mixe Licor- Smoke pit smokiness give this a bold beginning. Fresh stone fruit flavors help to soften up the roasted habanero spice. Spice flavor, not spice lingers on palate without burning tastebuds. $37.99 per bottle

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