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21 Jan 2023 | Jeremy Dugan


Join us on January 27th when we explore Natural Wines from Germany and Austria with Importers Sebastian Lowa and Claire Goldberg, Owners of Baire Wine Imports. While I am always excited to pour Natural Wines and see what people think, I am very excited to have both Sebastian and Claire with us to go into details about the wineries that we will be highlighting on the 27th. People might not know this, but a lot of these Natural Winemakers can be nonchalant about keeping their websites updated or even having a website. So when I am trying to find information about these Producers I am sometimes S.O.L because they are focusing their time in the vineyards or taking time to check out their fermentation tanks instead of filling in their “about me/us”. Luckily for us Sebastian and Claire not only know the Winemakers, they have visited the vineyards and in one case helped pick the blend for a wine we’ll be tasting Friday night. And as a bonus; Sebastian is from Germany and can properly pronounce all the names I would for sure fumble over and can also give us the deeper meaning behind some of the labels of the wines we'll be tasting.

As a family run business, we are always excited to work with other family-owned businesses. And seeing what the Husband and Wife duo of Sebastian and Claire have done so far with Baire Wines Imports gets me excited for the future of Natural Wines coming from Germany and Austria. Here are the wineries we’ll be exploring on the 27th;

Lukas Kraus, Pfalz, Germany

Julian Scheid, Mosel, Germany

Weingut Schweizer, Wurttemberg, Germany

Schutzenhof, Burgenland, Austria

Stefan Bietighofer, Pfalz, Germany

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