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26 Sep 2021 | Jeremy Dugan


99% of the time a sales rep has brought me a spirit from Michoacan it has been a tequila, which I will never complain about because I love tequila.  But I was shocked when I was presented a new spirit from Michoacan; Gustoso Aguardiente Rums.  

At its highest point, Michoacan is over 12,000 feet above sea level, making it a great region to grow sugar cane.  The folks at Gustoso Aguardiente take the juice from the sugar cane and distill it in a pot still.  They take first press molasses and distill that in copper column stills.  The results are rich and full styles of rum that have some similarities to Jamaican Rums if I needed to compare them to a familiar style.

But it’s almost unfair to compare these Mexican rums to the island rums of Jamacia.  One of the fun things about rum is getting the different flavors from around the world, one of the few spirits where you can actually taste where your ingredients come from.  Much like tequila, the terroir matters and can be tasted.  And you can taste them yourself with the two expression we now carry in our store:  Blanco and Anejado.

Gustoso Aguardiente Rum Blanco, Michoacan, Mexico

Blending rums distilled in pot still and copper column stills Gustoso Aguardiente’s Blanco has rich notes of coco along with hints of minerality that balances out the richness. Cooked banana characteristics will be a familiar flavor profile for rum fans while also giving the spirit a rounded finish.

$20.99 per bottle

Gustoso Aguardiente Rum Anejado , Michoacan, Mexico

Aged for 3 ½ years in fresh oak, Sherry and Whiskey barrels. The result is a rum with a creamy mouthfeel which leads to notes of melted caramel and vanilla bean. What was cooked banana in the Blanco becomes banana fosters after the time in barrel.

$27.99 per bottle

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