Adult Signature Required

Please be aware that someone 21 years of age must be present to sign for any alcoholic items purchased. All orders will be processed within 1-3 days of receipt. We recommend shipping to an address (such as a work address) where someone 21 years of age will be available to receive during business hours to sign for the package. GSO/GSL will not allow us to re-route a package once they have made a delivery attempt to the recipient.

Shipping Methods and Tracking

All wines purchased through our website are shipped via GSO/GSL – CALIFORNIA ONLY. We offer four methods of shipment: GSO/GSL Ground, GSO/GSL Priority. All fees charged to our customers come directly from GSO/GSL. We do not profit from the cost of shipping. We do not ship to all states see “Shipping Restrictions” below. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Once we generate a shipping label we will send out an email with the tracking number from within 24-hours.

Shipments generally are not in transit on Saturdays and Sundays. We rarely ship on Fridays to avoid packages sitting in warehouses over the weekend.

Buyer's Risk

Quicker delivery is available at higher rates. Cellared wine — wines 5 years old or older—are purchased at the buyer’s own risk. We assume no liability for weather damage (See Extreme Weather Warning below). Otherwise, damaged goods are covered by insurance.

Where do we ship wine?


Extreme Weather Warning

Hot and Cold Weather Shipping Dangers

During the summer and winter, many parts of the US experience extreme high and low temperatures. Wine and goods can be very susceptible to damage from these temperatures. Summer heat can destroy fine wine, and freezing temperatures can likewise be damaging. These instances of extreme temperatures can force wine corks out of their bottles and leakage can occur. Recognizing this, The Wine Country recommends that its customers take advantage of expedited shipping options, or that its customers opt to have their purchases held for more moderate shipping weather. We recommend the buyer referring to temperature forecasts across the United States to take into account exposures during the entire shipping process across state lines. GSO/GSL does not guarantee temperature control environments.

Once items have been paid for, we will gladly temporarily store your purchases up to four months before shipping. If you have put something on hold, please contact us when you are ready to receive the package. However, if customers insist on shipping during extreme weather periods, it will be at their own risk. The Wine Country stores its wines in a temperature controlled environment and will not be responsible for any damage to wine that occurs due to extreme weather during shipping.

Sales taxes

– Buyer is responsible for paying all applicable local sales taxes; The Wine Country only collects sales taxes from taxable purchases shipped within California, and direct-to-customer sales from our retail store in Signal Hill, California.