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08 Jan 2023 | The Wine Country Staff


Last year in January we wrote an article about a few of the Non-Alcoholic option we started carrying at the store ( And we have to admit that we have been overwhelmed with the response of our customers to our growing Non-Al section. Not just in “Dry January” or “Sober October” but throughout the whole year we saw interest and purchases rise in that department. Since January of 2022 we have added a few new items so allow us to properly introduce you to them.


Bonbuz OG alcohol-free functional spirit- $33.99 per bottle

Fay Behbehani was nice enough to come in and personally introduce herself and her product Bonbuz. Coming from the concept of still wanting to have that positive feeling of drinking while drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, Fey uses natural stimulants like green tea, 5-HTP and amino acids to create a buzz in your body while enjoying the vibrant flavors of Bonbuz OG. Citrus peel and earthy bark up front. Bright lime citrus on the finish. Plays well with many different tonics, just pick what flavor you want to add!

Bonbuz Slow Burn alcohol-free functional spirit- $33.99 per bottle

Bonbuz is also sugar-free, gluten-free and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. And you can taste those fresh flavors in Bonbuz Slow Burn which contains Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Jalapeno. Expressive citrus up front, grapefruit is most prominent. There is some heat from the spices, but never takes over the palate. A fan of spicy margaritas? This is the mix for you now.

Free Spirits Spirit of Milano- $37.99 per bottle

I will agree that in most non-alcoholic beverages that try to taste like a specific spirt fall a little short. Even Seedlip which has really good flavor suggest adding ginger ale or club soda to their expressions to give your drink the weight and mouthfeel that most alcoholic spirits have. Not sure what they’re doing over at Free Spirit but all you need for their expressions is some ice. Their Spirit of Milano has notes of dark fruit and hibiscus along with hints of candied cherries. While it is good on its own, you can add some club soda and you have a Spiritz!

Free Spirits Spirit of Bourbon- $37.99 per bottle

While this won’t please Single Malt Whisky fans, if you like yourself an American Whiskey this will be a pleasant surprise. Big coating profile, notes of caramel, coco and butterscotch. Cinnamon serves as the oak spice characteristic.

Gruvi Dry Secco- $4.29 per bottle, $17.16 per 4pk

Sparkling water and Chardonnay grape juice are the main ingredients in this easy drinking wine like beverage. Soft pear and apple flavors with just a hint of lemon zest. The sparkling water gives the experience a “pop” and keeps everything light on the palate. This would be the star at a Baby Shower brunch, besides the Mother of course!

Gruvi Bubbly Rose- $4.29 per bottle, $17.16 per 4pk

It’s funny what adding a little natural color and tannic acid can do to a profile. Using the same base as their Dry Secco, Gruvi adds the two ingredients mentioned above and bring you their Bubbly Rose. A lot more green apple flavor than the secco and the pear notes have become baked pear, the rose has a bigger mouthfeel and I would say more depth than the secco. It can literally be “Rose all day” with a few 4pks of these.

Hoplark 0.0 “Citra”- $2.19 per can, $9.99 per 6pk

Zero alcohol, zero gluten , zero sugar, zero calories and all the hop flavor of your favorite IPAs? Is it too good to be true? I’ve been a fan of  Hoplark’s hop infused beverages for some time now, so when I was offered a product that was meant to be carried in the beer cooler I was already sold. This double dry hopped sparkling water gives you all the grassy, citrus and tropical fruit notes of Citra Hops while delivering the perfect bite of floral bitterness that IPA drinkers love. Whether you’re participating in dry January this year or just want to keep hydrated in between beers, I suggest giving Hoplark 0.0 Citra a try.

Two Roots Brewing "Enough Said" Non-Alcohol Helles $2.39 per can

Rejoice! A non-alcoholic beer that looks, smells, and tastes like beer! Several months ago, in the journey of expanding our non-alcoholic beer selection I took on the task of sampling the offerings that were on the shelf since before my time at The Wine Country. Of the few there was only one beer that made the cut... Two Roots Enough Said Helles Lager. Two time gold medal winner at The Great American Beer Festival in the non-alcoholic beer category. Enough Said is a clean and refreshing German style Helles lager brewed with only Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. This near beer comes with a full body and a pleasant hoppy finish, while being balanced enough for any beer lover to enjoy.

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